“Dis/locations,” in Bloodroot


home  /həʊm/ n., adj., adv., & v. 1. The place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family; a fixed abode; a windy house on a hill; but what if there is no such place, if one is of No Fixed Abode or of many abodes which are all fixed while one ricochets between them; the sharp smell of your mother’s hair as you pull the brush down her scalp, slowly, slowly, and she sighs a long sigh. 2. The place or country of one’s origin; esp. the British Isles; the place where you grew up / the place where you are always a child. 3. The dwelling place or retreat of an animal; the place whose peculiar odor you do not perceive except for a piercing moment, returning to it after a long absence. 4. Any place of residence or refuge; the place you crave when you are tired or sick or otherwise disarmed; the place where people do not ask Where are you from? 5. A place or region to which one naturally belongs or where one feels at ease; or not, always not quite altogether. 6. A place where a thing flourishes or from which it originates. 7. An area where a player is supposed to be free from attack. home ground: an area, locality, or subject with which one is intimately familiar; home truth: an indisputable fact, especially one associated with a wound; homelooseness: a feeling of foreignness; the perpetual presence of absence; home-making: (re)creating a household or dwelling place through poems;  to drive home:. fig., to penetrate into a person’s feelings or consciousness to the maximum extent; homing: capable of returning home, usually over a great distance.